The Department of General Education in Al Falah University serves to strengthen the foundation of the students’ study plan. The Department of General Education offers ten courses spanning major professional fields and linking them directly to the majors of degrees the university offer. The medium of instruction is both English and Arabic, suitable for the medium followed by the three Colleges in the university. The highly experienced and professional faculty members ensure a smooth transition for students to adjust with the increasing demands of their fields of professional study.


The General Education Department aims to foster students’ skills, thought process and level of understanding through successful integration of academic programs with professional practices and societal awareness.


To provide an outstanding quality of education that uplifts the professional and personal stature of students by inculcating creative strategies in the modes of teaching. The Department aims to graduate well-rounded individuals ready to dedicate their contributions to the work force and the society as a whole.  


  • Provide academic support to all Colleges by offering General Education courses for all three Colleges.
  • Support students to improve their written and oral communication skills.
  • Develop a well-rounded worldview in the context of religious, cultural and ethical values.
  • Make recommendations for reforms in the Program to implement competencies and innovation to the study plan.
  • Work on improvement of curriculum and syllabi to keep them at par with MOE standards.
  • Communicate with all Units of the university, the updates in the Department.

Conduct periodic review of course curriculums of GE courses to ensure the eligibility of the courses. 

The Department of General Education offers:

  1. الثقافة و الدراسات الاسلامية
  2. مهارات الاتصال باللغة العربية
  3. Critical and Creative Thinking (English)
  4. Critical and Creative Thinking(Arabic)
  5. Computer Skills (English)
  6. Computer Skills (Arabic)
  7. Psychology & communication Skills (English)
  8. Psychology & communication Skills (Arabic)
  9. Ecosystem & Human Health(English)
  10. Ecosystem & Human Health(Arabic)
  11. English for Developing Communication
  12. English for Academic Writing
  13. UAE Society
  14. Statistics (English)
  15. Statistics (Arabic)
  16. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (English)
  17. Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Arabic)